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Our Services


Our Principal Services

Site Location & Acquisition 

We help clients to buy and sell land, and  to exploit land development opportunities for commercial and residential use.

Location, policy, and the general state of the economy, both national and local  play an important part in determining value not less than the quality of the land itself.

Our service is exactly in tune with the client’s objectives and with our network of  contacts, our team can produce the result required.

Asset Management

We like to be part of the team, to integrate in your own environment. This way we get the insight to understand your exact requirements and formulate and act upon a robust solution to ensure your assets are working for you to the optimum.

Housing stock, industrial & retail portfolios in both the  public and private sector. 

Landlord & Tenant

This is a vital element of your estate management. We handle your rent reviews, terminations, renewals in an efficient and timely manner. Let us set up automatic triggers of every important date.

Never miss a rent review or end of lease again!

Investment Property

Specialising in sale & purchase of residential tenanted properties Each deal is a perfect turnkey investment opportunity No surprises, you know what you are getting

Earn income from day one

We will manage your investment from day of purchase for optimum returns